Currawong pre-schoolers go pre-historic

What giggles, has two dancing feet, and an insatiable appetite for adventure? A CURRAWONG PRE-SCHOOLER! 

On Thursday 1 October, educators from Currawong Early Learning Service organised an incursion with the National Dinosaur Museum. On the day, tour guides from the National Dinosaur Museum were invited to run an interactive program about dinosaurs for our pre-schoolers. The children showed their excitement by learning about the different types of dinosaurs, their habitat, food and bones and were invited to participate in a range of fun, dinosaur-themed activities. 

Some of the highlights of this program are as follows. 

Real fossil touch time: The program began with presenting a range of fossils, including fossils of trees, fishes, shells, bugs and dinosaurs. Children took turns touching, feeling, and examining these fossils and invited to learn some interesting facts of fossils. 

Dinosaur dancing:  The children got to practice some dinosaur moves to the tunes of the dinosaur club. They enjoyed learning the repetitive movements of the dinosaur dance.

Fossil casting: The tour guides demonstrated making a fossil cast using Plaster of Paris and water. The children watched with great awe when the mould was deconstructed, revealing a fossil cast.

Reading dinosaur stories: Children listened to the storybooks, “How do dinosaurs get well soon?” and “Dinosaur roar,” and got to learn how dinosaurs care for themselves when they fall sick.

Thanks for the visit, National Dinosaur Museum! 

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