Reid Early Childhood Service

A community-oriented, central early learning centre  

Reid Early Childhood Service is a 67-place, community-oriented practice located in the established and central suburb of Reid. We provide education and care for children age six weeks to five years old.

Situated on the grounds of the Reid Campus of the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), the service offers a vibrant outdoor space with a combination of nature and constructed facilities, encouraging children to play and learn.

Reid Early Childhood Centre follows early education theory, employing experienced educators who work collaboratively with the children. The focus is on consolidating learning, reorganising understanding of the world, building relationships, making connections, and engaging in discussions with children. The Centre values respect and inclusion, embracing children’s diverse perspectives, ideas, and suggestions.

When you use any of our YWCA Canberra children’s services programs, you help to support our community activities such as our housing programs, community development, youth engagement, and education to prevent domestic and family violence.

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Our qualified team is made up of diverse educators from varying cultures, ages, and backgrounds.

Director: Chia Ling (Dana) Yang

Dana has been the Centre Director since 2020. She holds a passion for early childhood education and care that is evident in her dedication to providing a holistic approach to support the well-being of everyone involved in the Centre. She has a wealth of experience in the field and has a strong understanding of the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for children to learn and grow.

Originally from Taiwan, Dana came to Australia in 2008 and has lived in Canberra. Completed diploma of children’s service in 2014 and started working in the early childhood sector. Dana has been working at Reid since 2016, as room leader working in Junior room, Tiny Tots, and preschool room.

Brought up in country town surrounded by extended families Dana believes “It takes a village to raise a child”. Dana actively listens to the needs of the community and works tirelessly to provide the best possible support and resources to the children, families, and staff members. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion has helped build a strong, supportive, inclusive community within the service. Dana’s leadership and dedication to early childhood education and care have made a positive impact on the lives of children and families in the community.

At Reid, we provide flexible learning environments designed to promote children’s inherent curiosity assisting in developing their learning skills and autonomy. The Centre includes various flexible spaces dedicated to specific areas of learning and experience. These spaces provide ample room for children to tinker, explore, and inquire. 
Each room is thoughtfully curated to provide a range of creative resources that reflect the concept of sustainability. We know that children are the future stewards of the planet and educating them about sustainability and recycling instils a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Our resources highlight to children the importance of repurposing and recycling, encouraging them to make informed choices and become environmentally conscious throughout their learning journey.

In accordance with early education theory, we collaborate with children to reinforce their learning and shape their perception of the world as they develop and acquire knowledge. Our approach emphasises building relationships, fostering connections, and engaging in discussions with and among children.

 We know that when children feel heard and valued, it boosts their self-esteem and confidence. As a result, they are more likely to participate in conversations and activities. Our educators acknowledge and respect each child’s unique perspectives, opinions, and suggestions. When children are encouraged to share their views, they are more likely to be involved in problem-solving and decision-making, helping to develop their critical thinking skills and preparing them for future challenges.

We actively listen, record, and partner with children in their learning journey, which provides a positive and effective learning experience.

Before 2023, Reid Early Childhood Service was managed by a dedicated parent-led committee. With the hard work of the committee, the Centre was established as a compassionate and inclusive community for children, families, and staff that provides high-quality education and care for the children. 

Now, led by YWCA Canberra, the values and ideals established by the former parent-based committee will be upheld. YWCA Canberra is committed to preserving the engaged and connected community the previous committee created, and we are dedicated to continuing to build upon their legacy.   

The Centre continues to be an integral part of the Reid community, with YWCA Canberra actively involved in the Centre’s daily life. We understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with the families and staff members and are dedicated to providing the children with the best possible care and education. 

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To join the Reid Early Childhood Service waitlist, please call the Centre on (02) 6230 5660 or email  reid@ywca-canberra.org.au 

A community-oriented, central early learning centre ​

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