The Olympics come to Spence

image of the olympics flag with text that reads the olympics come to SpenceThe next Olympic Games are going to be in… Spence! Well, not really, but the educators and children at Spence Children’s Cottage have been recently celebrating the Olympics. 

Educators used this international event to spur children’s interests in sport and improve their physical development. The children enjoyed trying Olympic sports like table tennis, soccer and gymnastics, as well as the always popular jumping games (which sadly haven’t made it into the Olympics). 

Unlike the real Olympics though, the focus wasn’t on who won. Everyone got a medal, and the educators promoted inclusion, an important part of children’s social and emotional development, by ensuring children understood that everyone has their own strengths. All the children ended up happy with what they had achieved. 

Educators also used the Olympics to teach children about the history of the Olympics and what they mean to the world now, as well as what it takes to be an Olympic athlete. 

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